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Danny Evarts

Always Pay The Piper ...

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"Always Pay the Piper" 
Limited edition of 15 numbered handmade mini-accordion books with covers made from actual flute keys in handmade paper boxes. 

If you or someone you know plays/ likes the flute, or music, or folk lore, or rats, or children, or the Pied Piper, or artist's books, or just nifty things made by human hands, then this is for you! 

From an edition of 15 accordion fold books of original imagery and text from Robert Browning's "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" on faux vellum. I used actual flute keys as the covers of the books. The books themselves are about 1/4" around. Each comes in its own hand cut and assembled paper box with a built-in magnifying lens (since the text in the books is really, really tiny). Each box also contains a card with the extract from the poem and a Pied Piper Image. The books are attached to these with small velcro discs, so they are removable (but stay in place for storage or display). The box has a music staff cutout on the cover, and comes wrapped in a custom vellum sleeve. All of the Pied Piper images are hand-colored. The printing was done digitally, with images that were first hand-drawn with pen and ink then scanned. Each copy is hand signed and numbered. You will receive the next available numbered book.

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